Announcement 1004- Whitepaper Release

The Fixline team is proud to announce their whitepaper which can be viewed here:

We saw problems in other betting sites so we created our own. Why is Fixline better?

Why we created Fixline

Betting shops can be intimidating for a beginner. A friendly employee is helpful to steady your hand when placing real money on the line. But go to the same companies’ websites and there is no virtual employee to guide you to place an online bet. Obfuscation is almost the goal.

The Fixline team wanted to create a fun, interactive game where betting is made easy. Fans can bet on their favorite sports, the financial markets, political outcomes, and more. Fixline is a platform for everyone- pro bettors can be the house and beginner can play without having to understand betting jargon. Fixline uses the Ethereum blockchain and smart-contract functionality to provide a provably fair decentralized betting application. In short:

To find out more how the Fixline platform works, please read our whitepaper found on our website at

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A decentralized betting game

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